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Kaufman & Kaufman Is The First Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing To Use The Systems In OC Central District
Last year the Bankruptcy court announced a new pilot project aimed at speeding up notices from the Bankruptcy Court to the debtors.   The Bankruptcy Court selected certain law firms handling bankruptcy cases to assist with the testing of a pilot program called  “Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing” or “DeBN”.  DeBN will allow debtors to elect to receive entered orders and court-generated notices by email instead of their street address. 

In March, Kaufman & Kaufman became the first bankruptcy attorney to participate in the DeBN Project at the U.S Bankruptcy Court California-Central Location.  Our bankruptcy office was also the first to electronically-file the DeBN form online for our client.

So, we made HISTORY!  This is a huge step  movement in our ability to use the electronic system to our clients' advantage -- allowing our clients to receive notices from the court far more rapidly than via the US postal service.

The ability for the debtor to receive court orders and court-generated notices by email has several advantages:
It's fast - Debtors receive court orders and court-generated notices the same day that their attorney does.
It's convenient - Debtors can read and/or save the court orders and notices on their mobile device, iPad, and home computer.
It's free - Court orders and court-generated notices can be viewed an unlimited number of times on the debtor's mobile device or home computer at no charge.
It's green - less paper clutter.
Only four bankruptcy courts are participating in this pilot program and California-Central is one of them. To request more information to use this services to file your bankruptcy please call our office (714) 550-9305, Kaufman & Kaufman. We are located at 1001 N Ross St Santa Ana, CA.

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